Welcome to the first season at Mountain Kind Farm!

We’re honored to be bringing one of the area’s former vegetable farms back into production this season.  Although it may be our first season on this land, we’ve been farming for over 10 yrs and we’re excited to be starting a new farm in the Flathead Valley.  This season we’ll offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables, u-pick berries, fruit from local orchards and a selection of other quality Montana made products.  We have a lot planned for the seasons ahead as we grow into the land.  We look forward to providing our community with fresh, quality food.

Do you want a farm membership without the weekly pick-up obligation?  Do you want to choose which produce you get and how much? 

Mountain Kind Farm is offering farm memberships that are flexible and get you the fresh produce you want all season long at 15% off retail prices!

Here’s how it works:  

First choose the membership level that is right for your family based on the number of people and the types of produce you like.  Next, you prepay a certain amount based on the membership level you’ve chosen.  We’ll take that money and put it on a debit card for you to use in our farm retail store and at our farmer’s market locations.  Every time you buy produce we’ll discount your purchase 15% and deduct the total from you debit account.  You can shop anytime during our store hours, which will be daily, 9:00 am-6:00 pm, and you can buy whatever produce you want in the quantity you need.   Visit our Farm Membership page for more information about our program.