Price List – 

Produce Price
Arugula $6.00/lb
Beans $3.25/lb
Beets $4.00/bunch*
Broccoli $2.50/lb
Brussels Sprouts $5.00/stalk
Bok Choy $2.00/bunch
Carrots $3.50/bunch*
Cabbage $1.75/lb
Cauliflower $2.00/lb
Cucumber $2.00/lb
Celery $2.00/head
Eggplant $2.00/lb
Kale $3.00/bunch*
Kohlrabi $.50/lb
Lettuce Heads $2.50-$3.50/head
Leeks $3.00/bunch*
Napa Cabbage $3.00-$4.00/head
Peas $7.00/lb
Peppers $3.00/lb
Potatoes $2.50/lb
Radish $2.50/bunch
Salad mix $8.00/lb
Spinach $8.00/lb
Strawberries, u-pick $2.00/lb
Strawberries, we-pick $3.00/lb
Summer Squash, green & yellow $2.00/lb
Swiss Chard $3.00/bunch*
Tomatoes, red slicing $2.50/lb
Tomatoes, heirloom $3.00/lb
Tomatoes, cherry $3.00/pint
Turnips $2.50/bunch
Watermelon $.39/lb
Winter Squash $1.00/lb

*Our bunch size is equal to 2 grocery store bunches.

These prices are subject to change based upon seasonality and market influences.